Naé, what’s this chit chat about counseling? Why do you think it’s so important? Here’s the deal about why it matters to you and your biz.

First, let’s break some of the stigmas that are associated with counseling:

  • I don’t go to counseling because I’m crazy.
  • I don’t go to counseling because I’m broken.
  • I don’t go to counseling because I have issues.

What I do have is life is, real life, and so do you, my friend!!

I go to counseling because it’s personal training for the mind.

I like to think about counseling like hiring a personal trainer.

Some people get a personal trainer because they have very specific short-term goals to achieve. For example, they have a big event coming up and want to lose 20lbs to get into that dress or suit.

Others get a personal trainer to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle and buy the recurring gym membership and exercise regularly forever because they are committed, long-term, to a healthy lifestyle.

Counseling works both ways! You can see a therapist to help you tackle a short-term and very specific goal or you go for what I like to call constant mind workouts.

Just like I’m the recurring gym membership gal who sees exercise as a way of life. I’m also the therapy forever gal who sees regular couch sitting as a tool to train the mind that never stops.

Am I ashamed of that? Screams, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

Follow me on this……

We don’t tell people who have strengthened their spiritual relationship with God “oh you’re good, you don’t need to go to church, temple, mosque, (insert whatever place here) anymore. We don’t say “oh you’re so healthy and physically fit…now you can stop exercising and all will be well”. So why on earth wouldn’t I care for and treat my mind the same way as I care for and treat my spirit and body

The phrase is mind, body, and spirit. And as leaders, executives, influencers, and entrepreneurs we need all three parts of our being in tip-top shape.

Still not rocking with this idea? Here’s an additional thought….

We don’t tell people who have their finances together “oh you’ve got that money thing handled, no need to see your financial planner anymore”

Chief, if you’re going to achieve those incredible audacious goals, make your vision visible, become the CEO of your biz+life, and serve your people well….you will need a mind (+ body + spirit + bank account) that’s operating at peak performance.

So yes, I will chit-chat about counseling all day. Cause I’m a peak performance seeker. Are you?

Question: How you indulge in internal self-care and how it’s shifted your biz + life?