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How To Lead When You’re Not In Charge

I remember like it was yesterday. March 2004, two months before graduating college, I landed a career with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I was happy to be employed, but the overachiever inside was set to fast track through the company's corporate structure and become a woman...

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Do You Have A Map For That?

Imagine you're going on vacation, traveling to a city where there will be plenty to do and see. You're so excited, you've dreamt of this vacation for years. You've seen pictures, booked the perfect hotel, and your itinerary is complete. You board the airplane and...

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Why Counseling is Critical To Your Success

Naé, what's this chit chat about counseling? Why do you think it’s so important? Here's the deal about why it matters to you and your biz. First, let's break some of the stigmas that are associated with counseling: I don't go to counseling because I'm crazy. I don't...

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I’m Jenaé!

I listen to the desires of your heart, aka, your vision and I help you launch your ideas, create an action plan, make an impact with your mission, and lead a team that makes your cash register sing…….all while making you feel like an authentic blend of Oprah + Obama!


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