Entrepreneurs have varying personalities but one character trait unites us: We think we can do anything. It’s this ‘I can take on the world’ notion that makes us so unique. But here’s what we know for sure: No one person can do everything.

However, time and time again we succumb to our

  • Pride (not wanting to ask for help)
  • Ego (not wanting people to know that we don’t know)
  • Intellect (thinking we can figure it out)
  • Budget (not having enough money)
  • Insert the thing you succumb to here

and we let our superhero syndrome get in the way.

We single-handedly try to take on everything. Recently, I succumbed once more….

I opened Instagram and instantly a 50% off post from Nicole’s Classes appeared. I LOVE a deal and desperately needed design training for my dance studio. Without a second thought, I purchased two classes.

Here’s the problem. Photoshop and creative design are outside of my sphere of expertise. Even though I can always see the vision, that doesn’t mean I can execute the vision. By the time I figured out how to download Nicole’s Classes, download Adobe’s Creative Clouds, and complete the Creative Cloud tutorials I was exhausted.

The next day, with a fresh mind and new excitement, I logged into class. Although the information was easy to understand, I hated it. As I completed an hour of training, my mind wandered to all the other areas of business that needed my attention.

Unfortunately (and fortunately), I never logged back in again. What a waste of time and money!  And, I still had the original problem of needing killer graphics for the dance studio.

Friends, learn from my failures and let this philosophy liberate you….

Doing everything devalues your expertise

Have you ever had a familiar experience? If so, it’s time to stop spending time (and money) on things outside of your area of expertise.

Here are 4 ways using Fiverr freed up time to focus on developing my God-given gifts and took my entrepreneurial skills to the next level.

1. Cut the crap – Fiverr lets you remove excuses

  • I don’t have money for a team
  • I’m the only person who can do it
  • Delegation is a disaster

Because Fiverr is a large low-cost marketplace, every reason that you come up with for why ‘you can’t’ is eliminated!

2. Improve Communication – If your business has a team, your team is familiar with you and the organization. This familiarity sometimes hinders our ability to communicate effectively.

For example, have you ever provided an incomplete thought to someone and they respond saying, “I know what you mean”.  Well, the person serving you through Fiverr doesn’t know what you mean and unless you’re crystal clear, they won’t know what you want.

When using Fiverr you’ll need to:

  • use specific details to describe your desired results
  • set clear expectations
  • negotiate the terms of work
  • provide timelines for delivery
  • send a synopsis of your business, service, or product
  • be professional, polite, and responsive

From my experience, Fiverr providers want to do great work. To do great work they need effective communication.

3. Increase Dream Intelligence – The first time I used Fiverr it was for a simple graphic design. However, since the online marketplace is so robust, I quickly realized I could outsource things I never thought of. I discovered quality gigs for voiceovers, transcription services, video editing, SEO, animation, virtual administration and the list goes on and on. The creative energy in Fiverr is inspiring. Almost instantly, because services were at my fingertips, my dreams expanded and I was empowered to take immediate action. 

4. Get More Time – I don’t know a leader who doesn’t juggle multiple priorities. The time I have recouped using Fiverr is priceless!!! Instead of trying to focus on everything, I’m able to focus on the things that matter most. Imagine being able to spend more time connecting with your team, honing your expertise, creating high-value content, volunteering, or spending time with family.

The ultimate goal of any leader is to focus on what you do best and delegate the rest. The sooner you can empower others to execute areas of your business that are outside your area of expertise the better.

Question: If you could delegate one area of your business right now what would it be?